A bit about me...

sally collins

My name is Sally Collins. I'm a Melbournian, a stepmother, a mother, a corporate girl and first time author.

I have two very lovely stepdaughters in their twenties and two very lovely, little children with the love of my life who is Dad to them all.

When I first became a stepmum, like so many women I was ill prepared and not sure where to go for the "how to" guide. I was looking for words of wisdom and inspiration and other women's stories. 

 Funnily enough I came up short. Step-parenting books, unlike parenting books started by asking me to reconsider my ill-conceived notion of happily ever after.

After a while I had to stop asking myself why I couldn't find words of inspiration, only words of warning and instead decided there was a need to shine a positive light on stepmothers and help our cause.  

So stepmotherlove.com is a labour of love – no pun intended – and part of a larger project I'm pursuing to create a better path for stepmothers everywhere. I want to do something tangible to help stepmothers feel more positive and encouraged about the role they are taking on. 

On this site I will review some of the better books and sites I have read that have acted as a resource guide for me and I hope these too will help you in your journey. I will also share my own stories as well as inspirational stories from others.

I don't for a moment pretend to have all the answers, what I do offer when you visit stepmotherlove.com is a source of hope and inspiration. I believe the title of stepmother is such a badge of honour when lived in a loving and hopeful context.

I'm a stepmother, I love my stepchildren and I am committed to working hard to achieve a loving family environment for my entire extended/blended/chaotic family.


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